Promoting Mental Health Awareness


As further research is conducted, mental health concerns continue to rise globally. Whilst recent Change for Life campaigns and the 2012 London Olympics have worked towards positively promoting physical exercise (within the UK) in order to counteract the on-set of unhealthy lifestyles, recent studies have shown how physical exercise can also benefit sufferers on cognitive conditions. This is something which CCCU have raised awareness of on Mental Health Awareness Day 2017, through promoting physical stimulus. However, the landscape of mental health awareness is confounded with rising health disparities linked with socio-economic concerns like poverty and social deprivation(s). This is further reflected in where an individual is placed on health and inequality spectrum, reminiscent of some living longer than others; notably males have historically been recognised as being disconnected from acknowledging cognitive conditions. Furthermore, mental health is still not an openly discussed concern, particularly within the LGBTIQ+ community.

Around the world, resources available to support people who are experiencing either acute or chronic mental health difficulties appear limited, this lack of resources is particularly apparent in developing countries. It is more prevalent in those who have constant or prolonged exposure to severely stressful events or traumas, dangerous living conditions, exploitation, and poor general health all contribute to greater vulnerability. The lack of access to affordable treatment makes the duration of the conditions more severe and debilitating, leading to a vicious circle of poverty and mental health conditions that is rarely broken (WHO, 2001). More needs to be done to tackle the issue of mental health.

This article has been authored in order to illustrate that those who feel isolated by their mental health concerns are not alone! One in Four people suffer from poor mental health at some point in their life time (WHO, 2001). It can affect anyone at any point in life so it is important to be aware of the services that are available to you.

CCCU offer services which can help to counteract mental health concerns, available to students, staff and alumni – Click Here


Author Bio

Nicole Holt, MSc. Is a PhD student at CCCU researching the effect of an individual’s spirituality on their health and wellbeing and is also a researcher with INCISE.

Alex Pettit is a mental health nursing student at CCCU, having previously graduated from a Criminology BSc honours degree, also at CCCU.


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